Thursday, May 23, 2013

Baby's First Banana

I tried to feed Caitlin a bit of a banana earlier this week, and she was, uh, a little less than sure about the whole thing.
Then again, last night, she kept me up for two hours while she took almost 10oz of formula, so...kid's gonna have to get on the solid food train reeeeeeal quick at this point, because a) Hanging out in the nursery from 2am to 4am is not my idea of a good time, CAITLIN, and b) 10oz bottles, on a regular basis, means I'm spending this child's college fund on formula, Just no.

And I can't believe she's turning her nose up at my banana offering. I feel like that HAS to taste better than anything else she's eaten before now, right? Honestly, I'd forgotten just how frustrating this whole feeding-the-kid thing can be. At this point, I'm just about to hand her a slice of pizza and tell her to have at it.

Maybe I'll give that a shot this weekend. I'm sure she'll be fine...


  1. Elise was not a fan of solids at 6, or 7, or even 8 months. It was kind of frustrating! I was so excited to make baby food for her and she would have nothing to do with purees. So I get her some garlic bread one day and you'd have thought it was manna from heaven.

  2. Oops. Did not meant to push publish!

    So I know how you feel. It's no fun to sit down with a jar of food and watch it all go to waste.


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