Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Slow Down (Part II)

Speaking of growing up, have a mentioned that I am also the mother of a teenager?
Every conversation we have goes something like this:

Brigid: Mommy, can I have some M&Ms?
Me: Sure. You can have two.
Brigid: Ummmmm, how about four?
Me: No, not four. I said you could have two.
Brigid: But mommmmmmmmy...

OR! There's this one:

Brigid: Where is my frisbee? I want to play with it.
Me: You can't throw your frisbee in the house.
Brigid: But why?
Me: Because I said so.
Brigid: But mommmmmmmmmy...

Or. You know...this one:

Brigid: I don't want it to be quiet in my room. Can you turn on my iPad? (There's a white noise app we use...)
Steve: Ok. But it's going over here on the shelf so you don't play with it instead of going to sleep.
Cut to me going into her room 30 minutes later to find her playing a game on the iPad that she'd climbed up her bed railing to get down...)
Me: You're supposed to be asleep, kiddo.
Brigid: I'm sorry, mommy.
Me: What are you sorry for, B?
Brigid: I'm sorry that you found me playing games.

Or...the one we have every night:

Brigid (2 hours after she was supposed to be asleep, sneaking into my room for the 15th time): So, ummmmm, I was hoping, ummmmm, I could sleep in your bed tonight?
Me: No, kid, you need to sleep in your own bed tonight.
Brigid: But mommmmmy...
Me: OH FOR THE LOVE!!! FINE. Get in the big bed. Just please, please, PLEASE stop whining. Please?

And then I wonder why she always expects me to cave to her every demand...

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