Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tea With Mom

Yesterday, Brigid's preschool held a 'Tea With Mom' party for Mother's Day. The classes had all learned songs to sing for the mothers that were there,* and there were snacks and cards and presents involved.

I am a fan of any event that gets Brigid as excited as she gets when a family member goes to school with her, and if you offer me cheesecake and presents, on top of that? Then I might just start asking for one of these parties every week.

Except. Well. Brigid's teacher had made these cute little cardboard teapots and filled them with candy. And when Brigid got her little hands on it?

'Mommy, I don't know if Miss Peggy made this for you or for me. But...she probably made it for me. So I could have some candy.'

Whatever, kid. It's just a good thing you made me the greatest present EVER to make up for stealing all of my candy, ok?

(HANDMADE TODDLER GIFTS! WITH HER PICTURE ON IT! I don't even care that she obviously had very little to do with the painting of the box. I'm guessing she picked out the color, and she helped glue her picture inside of it. And you know what? THAT IS OK WITH ME. I am SO EXCITED about the age of the handmade gifts. She's just the best, I swear.)

*Brigid's class did 'I'm a Little Teapot' and the I Love You song from Barney...and they were WAY more entertaining than the older class that sang a five minute song that sounded like nothing more than one long mumble after they all started singing at different tempos 2.5 seconds into it. And I'm not complaining about the kids, here, because they were cute. And they were giving it their all. It's just...I feel like maybe the teachers should have known better than to try it. Who expects 10 four-year olds to keep it together during a song that has 15 verses? And who expects the even younger kids to behave during all of that, too? I thought the two and three-year old classes were going to make a break for it...

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