Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Brigid Says...

This morning, on the way to school: I really wanted to see Stephen before he left for work this morning. I really miss him. (Why she insists on calling him Stephen instead of dad is beyond me.)

The other night, while Steve was putting her to bed (and after he hadn't shaved for several days): I like shaved mustaches. I don't like fuzzy mustaches.

Eating ice cream at Skyline Chili, where we'd stopped while driving home from Indiana: I am a BIG fan of chocolate. (You and me, both, kiddo...)

Saying goodbye to my grandmother last weekend: See ya! Wouldn't want to be ya! (Thanks a lot for that one, Auntie Kate.)

Last week, when Steve asked her if we should have another baby: I love baby Caitlin. We should keep her. But two babies would be not enough. (She meant two babies, in addition to herself, would be too many. I think her and I might be on the same page, here.)

While watching the scene in Brave where Merida tells her mother she won't know she doesn't like fish if she won't even try it: You've got to try new food cause it might taste good! (Thank you, Daniel Tiger. I'm pretty sure he's single handedly convinced her to eat vegetables again, even if it IS only carrots that she's added back to her diet.)


  1. It feels like we are always singing "try it, you'll like it!" FromYo Gabba Gabba to get children to try things around here.

  2. Ha! Just wait until she is a teenager!! Alex likes to call me so pisses off my husband!

  3. Ry calls me "Heather" every once in a while, b/c she hears the other kids do it. It's kinda funny.

    So adorably that she gets "not enough"/"too many" mixed up!


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