Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fashion Statement

My poor Riley has a hot spot/callous/open wound type of sore on her elbow that she won't stop messing with, and it's gotten a little gross. We (and by we, I mean Steve) took her to the vet on Friday to see if it was something that we were going to have to have surgically removed, or if we could just take care of it with a topical ointment and some antibiotics. The vet said surgery wasn't really necessary, but we really had to find some way to keep Riley from licking that spot if we wanted it to heal.

So, we found a way...

She looks good, doesn't she?

(Seriously, dogs in t-shirts and massive piles of toddler toys in the background. This is my glamorous, glamorous life, folks!


  1. Oh my goodness! I just laughed out loud at work! Ssshhh! Thanks for sharing.

    I do hope the pup gets better though :)

  2. Such a better idea that putting one of those cone/collar things on her head.

  3. she's so cute!

    my dog Wendy had a hot spot one time, the vet gave me some ointment because it had started to get this little bumpy infection, but other than that she just said to give her benadryl and sure enough, that worked. Once the little bumpy spots went away and we stopped using the ointment, we kept giving her benadryl until her hair started growing back and ::knock on wood:: she hasn't had a problem since.


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