Friday, June 10, 2011

In my defense...

(Steve has had a sore neck for about a week now, and despite my requests that he go see a doctor, he doesn't seem all that concerned about it. He says he's taking care of it, in his own way. But that's neither here nor there...that's just the background.)

Me (after listening to Steve complain about his neck again one evening this week): Why don't you go see a doctor already?

Steve: Well, I've already consulted a doctor, actually.

Me: You sent a text to [former college roommate who is now a doctor], didn't you?

Steve: Yes, he says I'm probably fine. I must have pulled something, and I just need to treat it with heat.

Me: I'd appreciate it if you'd physically go see a doctor, instead of seeking treatment from South Carolina.

Steve: He lives in North Carolina, actually.

Me: Really? I thought he lived in Greensboro?

Steve (after a brief pause): It's moments like this that I wish I had a blog to record these conversations...

Me: Wait, Greensboro's in North Carolina?

Steve (shaking his head and silently judging me...): Yes.

(See, honey, I can admit when I'm wrong. In my defense, and in that general moment, I may have confused Greenville and Greensboro...but I'm a Yankee, so it's to be expected, I think...)


  1. I'm a yankee too (Florida transplant). I certainly wouldn't know the difference.

    He should thank you for having your own blog to record these conversations on . :)

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  2. hehe its okay my bf always knows the right answers too lol

    <3 steffy
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