Thursday, June 30, 2011

Put Mickey in a Corner

For Christmas last year, Steve got Brigid one of those creepy Mickey Mouse dolls that sings and dances and moves his way across the floor when you press a button on his foot. And also, says things like shake that mousketail.

But Brigid LOVED it.

Then, Mickey broke, and he was added to the pile of 'things that need to be fixed'. And while I thought that pile was just the places where toys go to die, it turns out, Steve actually intended to fix Mickey. And he did.

But B is now terrified of him.

She's fine if he's sitting all quietly on the kitchen counter. But the minute Mickey hits the floor? Hysterics. But, if we swear to her that he won't start dancing, she'll walk up to him, while hanging on for dear life to Steve's hand or mine, and offer up a knuckle bump. But that's it. She won't go near him alone. And if he starts talking/dancing, she's inconsolable.

(Side note: My kid knuckle bumps, and it's hilarious. She likes to knuckle bump the Masters teddy bear we got her at Augusta and named Rory, for Rory McIlroy, before she goes to bed. Also, my kid can say Rory. And we made her say it every time he was shown on t.v. during the US Open. Because of course we did. Now if we can just get her to say Go Irish! in time for football season...)

This does not bode so well for our plans to introduce B to Scooby Doo at King's Island when we're in Cincinnati next weekend, you know?

PS: Cincinnati folks? We're coming your way the weekend of the 8th, if you're going to be around. We'd love to try to meet up if y'all have time!


  1. what a hilarious post! i can just imagine it...and yes, i'd be scared of that mickey, too!

  2. JAck had a Tigger that danced round and sang and did flips...we showed it to alex recently and he screamed ran up to it and pushed it over and ran way laughing!!!


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