Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another Milestone

Last night, we went out to dinner at a relatively noisy pizza place, and after Brigid finished her meal (which consisted primarily of the tomato from my salad, a couple of tater tots from Steve's plate, and every piece of pineapple from her own piece of pizza...healthy, no?), we left her to play with one of our phones for a few minutes, while we finished up our own food.

(On a related note: How in the world did people eat out with toddlers before iPhones? I am fully aware that we are probably over-technologizing (totally a real word, right?) our child, but holy heck, is this technology stuff useful from time to time...)

My little angel must have had trouble hearing whatever video she was trying to watch over the dull roar of our fellow diners, though, because while I was trying to talk to Steve, she looked me straight in the eyes, held up her hand, and said, 'don't talk, mommy'.


And this is why I keep a blog instead of a baby book. Because there is just no page in those baby books for baby's first sass, now is there?


  1. Ha! Dibits does that to us all the time. If Matt and I are talking to each other and not paying attention to her, she shrieks "NO TALKING!"

  2. Jacob likes to play on my phone at church and there have been many a whispered conversation about how it is NOT ok to argue about sound for Angry Birds in church.

    Jacob likes to interrupt conversations between Chris and me if he feels like we are arguing. I like it when he takes my side

  3. Ugh, P uses that ALL THE TIME. When I'm talking to my husband or vice versa, and P wants to be heard, he'll just shout "STOP TALKING MOMMY!!!!" or "DADDY STOP TALKING!!!!"

    I don't know whether to laugh or to scold him.


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