Tuesday, February 7, 2012

See the pretty fish?

Do you know how you top a morning in which your main triumph is getting to preschool registration early enough to score the #1 spot in the registration line, thereby ensuring that your child WILL HAVE A SPOT in next year’s already almost full two-year old class, and leading to a sequence of events in which you take a picture of said line ticket to text to your husband, while narrating your actions with an internal monologue that includes shouting WINNING! to yourself, but in a crazy-Courtney-from-The-Bachelor voice, and not a crazy-Charlie-Sheen-from anything one?
(Not that this has ever happened to me, or anything…)

Well, you don’t top it, really. But if you can follow it up with a couple of hours spent chasing a ‘keep walking, keep walking, keep walking’ toddler around the aquarium, you can come pretty darn close…

That kid, man...she is A LOT of fun to hang out with these days.

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  1. I love that aquarium! We were just talking about going again.

    Good for preschool!


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