Friday, February 10, 2012

Because Steve doesn't have a blog...

...I have to do his dirty work for him.

In his own words, via text message I received last night before I left work for the evening:

She won't share.

I'm 95% certain that Steve took this picture a split second before the dogs realized they were bigger/stronger than Brigid, plus had strength in numbers on their side, and mob rushed her for control of the cereal bowl. Because they have NEVER been this gentle and patient with me...


  1. My dogs gave up on cereal years ago. Since they discovered Elizabeth to be a constant source of food, they only go after the good stuff now. They prefer the meat or dairy categories.

  2. Ha...why should she share?? When my boys were little my parent dog just came up to Jack and stole the lollipop right out of his hand...Jack was pissed!!


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