Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Recap

Steve had to be in Charlotte on Tuesday night, for a Wednesday morning meeting, meaning Brigid and I celebrated Valentine's Day alone, girls'-night-in style.

And in our house, GNI means eating macaroni and cheese, taking pictures/videos of ourselves making silly faces to send to Steve, reading every single book in the room, and cuddling, pre-bedtime, for an exceptionally long time. And then, after toddler bedtime finally occurs, it means cheesy television (hellooooo Gossip Girl!) and caramel/chocolate/sea salt gelato, left behind by a sweet husband who is very sorry he had to leave his girls on the best made-up holiday of the year.

All things considered, I'd say we fended pretty well for ourselves. But if Steve ditches us again next year?

We are totally demanding jewelry...


  1. I think a tiara would be in order if he were gone next year.

  2. Chris works Mon/Tues nights, so we didn't do anything special. But I would take caramel/chocolate/sea salt gelato over flowers any day!

  3. That gelato sounds drool worthy! sounds like you and B had a fun girls night!!


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