Monday, September 24, 2012

Fresh Start

After all of the drama of last week, I think our family needed something fun to kind of reset the mindset around the house. And what better way to do that than to eat a LOT of apple pie?

I mean, uh, go apple picking?

(THEN eat a lot of apple pie. And apple fritters. And drink apple cider.)
I don't think we're entirely all back to normal, yet (at least, I kind of HOPE we're not all back to normal, yet, because if Brigid's new normal is asking for daddy nonstop when daddy is not available, and crying when she realizes that she can't see him, then I foresee A LOT of stress in my future...), but I think we're getting closer.

And, if not?

Well, then at least I have pie.

(And vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce, of course. Stress requires the big guns, after all...)


  1. Daddy is obviously too fun. It happens at our house too. You'll just have to make him be meaner.

    I had to eat an apple after I read this.

  2. You need to frame that picture of Brigid RIGHT NOW. That's an awesome picture of her!


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