Monday, September 10, 2012

Vacation 'Memories'

On the trip back to Atlanta from Florida, Steve asked Brigid what her favorite part of the ocean was, and Brigid, adorable little scamp that she is, told us it was going potty in it. Because that, apparently, is what she remembers most of the six days we were at the beach...

Me teaching her that she could go potty in the ocean if it meant that my pregnant self did not have to walk her back to the beach house every time she needed to go.

(So, who is holding onto my mother of the year trophy for me, again?)

And that, my friends, is how my darling husband ended up spending our first two days back at home trying to brainwash our daughter into thinking her favorite part of our trip was 'finding seashells', because we weren't sure what the preschool teacher would think of us teaching our kid to go potty in the ocean, in the event she happened to ask Brigid the very specific 'what was your favorite part of the ocean?' question.

It did not come up in conversation when I picked Brigid up this afternoon, so I'm just going to assume that our little secret is safe for now. Because, obviously, the preschool teacher that I've met all of three times now would absolutely call me out on Brigid peeing in public if it had come up at any point today, right?


(Wrong. Still, I don't think it would have come up. So, we're fine...for now. I wouldn't put it past Brigid to bring it up completely out of the blue a month from now, though. She's sneaky like that...)

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  1. HOw is she doing with preschool?
    I bet she tells someone about her favorite part of the ocean...ha!!


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