Thursday, July 18, 2013

Caitlin's Update

Despite Caitlin's best efforts at remaining lazy, she has, in fact, learned to sit up on her own, if 'sitting up on her own' is defined as me setting her on the ground, in an upright position, and her holding herself up for longer than 30 seconds at a time. Because she can do that.

But if I don't force the issue? Nope. Nothing. She will lie on the ground and screech until someone comes to entertain her. She will NOT be responsible for pulling herself up into that position on her own, thank you very much.

(And just in case you think I'm complaining about You just stay there and be immobile as long as you want, Baby Caitlin. We are FINE with that decision. One kid constantly on the move is more than enough for me to handle right now.)

Oh, and in other 'my baby is growing up so fast!' news, we have teeth. Two of them, to be exact. Two of them that showed up at almost exactly the same time, with one breaking through on Sunday and the other coming in on Monday. Two cute little bottom front teeth, that you can see perfectly clearly when she is screaming about something, not that she EVER screams about anything, of course.

(Yes, she does. She's kind of a wimp, actually. She screams about a lot of things.)

Two teeth, that I'm blaming for the worst weekend of sleep that we've had since Caitlin's first month in this world, because...the screaming. The screaming while she was still too tired to open her eyes. And the only being happy when she was being held. At midnight and 3am. It was less than pleasant, truly.

It's been better, though, the last few nights, which I'm kind of hesitant to even mention, because the sleep karma gods will smite me with another weekend like last weekend, and you  know what? Never mind. Just forget I said anything, ok?

And so, in conclusion: Caitlin sits up if I sit her up, she has two teeth, and her sleep habits are not to be a topic of discussion. Ever. The end.

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  1. Excellent work, Caitlin! Except for the sleep thing. Work on that.


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