Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Things I Love About Three

*Last night, we took Brigid and Caitlin to a park near our house for Food Truck Tuesday, and Brigid spent a majority of the night sticking blades of grass or random pine needles between two of her fingers, then coming up to us with a pained look on her face, asking us to remove the splinter. Then she'd giggle wildly every time we acted like it was a terrible ordeal. I have no idea where she came up with the idea for that game.

*The last few mornings, Brigid has come downstairs, yawned loudly, and told me that she didn't get enough sleep because her toys have kept her up all night. Three nights ago, it was the Doc McStuffins trio of Lambie, Chilly, and Stuffy that kept her up, talking. Two nights ago, it was Thumper. Last night, her rubber lizard, Spot, and her rubber bunny, Bunny, threw a party. She's hanging with the wrong crowd, that kid.

*On Monday, I was pulling some stuff off of the kitchen shelves, in an effort to declutter the house a little bit before we put it on the market. Brigid helped me pack the things away in moving boxes, to be stored in my SiL's garage until we (hopefully) sell the house and (hopefully) find a new one. Brigid then took it upon herself to start a pile of toys to be packed away, yelling 'I WANT TO PACK MYSELF' at me when I told her it wasn't time to pack her stuff up, yet, before collapsing on the floor in hysterics. She then slammed the door on her way to the time-out chair, where I found her asleep five minutes later. That one doesn't necessarily fall under the things I love about this age, but you have to admire her initiative, I'd say.

*She asks for things she knows I'll say no to, things she doesn't really want, and when I do say no, she's fine with it. Then she looks at me, smiles, and reminds me that she gets a gold star on her behavior chart for not arguing with me when I say no. I'm glad to see she already knows how to cheat the system. This bodes well for the teenaged years.

*She read Brown Bear, Brown Bear to her baby sister on Monday night. I'd tell you all about it, but I'm too busy being dead from all of the cute. Because it was the best thing, ever. Then she told us that she read the book so well because she used to have it, but she couldn't find her copy anymore. And Steve made the rookie mistake of telling her that the copy in Baby Caitlin's room was her copy, but we were giving it to Baby Caitlin to read now. And then she tried to take it back, because it was hers. And she started crying when we told her she should leave it in the baby's room. But the reading part? To her baby sister? That part was still cute.


  1. I keep trying to convince Elizabeth that all the toys are really mine and I let her play with them and therefore I can also let her brother play with them, but she's not buying it.

  2. Oh man. The next time she reads to Caitlin, conference me in! OXOX


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