Tuesday, July 2, 2013

This is why I'm tired all of the time...

*Caitlin does this thing, when she gets really excited to have me hold her, where she grabs my face with both hands and tries to get her mouth around my nose. I'm going to pretend that she's trying to kiss me, because otherwise it seems like she's just trying to take a bite out of my cheek, and nobody wants to raise a creepy little vampire baby.

*The behavior chart we've started for Brigid has had mixed results, up to and including me yelling at her to just GO TO BED ALREADY at 11pm last night, when she told me she wasn't tired and wanted something to do in bed. I told her to try sleeping. She seemed to be thinking more along the lines of watching tv on the iPad. I won, but it wasn't a pretty battle. So. That's fun.

*Caitlin can sit up on her own. But she doesn't want to. I don't even know what to do with that. Except buy a baby carrier so the little turd can get up off of the floor every once in awhile, without me having to carry her everywhere. Come on...who doesn't want to learn to sit up?

*The neighbors took Brigid to the pool the other day, and when she got home, we asked her if she pooped at the pool (because she likes to wait until she's in a wet swim diaper to ask someone to take her to the bathroom...). She told us no. The neighbor texted us to say, if we kept track of those sorts of things, Brigid pooped at the pool a couple of times. I asked Brigid if she pooped, because I heard that she had. She said yes, just once. I asked again how many times she went. Just once, mommy. The neighbor said you went twice, Brigid. How many times did you go potty at the pool? OK, I went two times.

*Caitlin can also roll from her back to her stomach, and then, even though I've seen her do it multiple times before, she refuses to roll back over in the other direction. So, she just lies there on her stomach, screaming. At 11:45pm. And again at 7am. It's nice to get a good bookend on the evening, I'd say.

*Did I mention that Steve is out of town, and I'm on my own with the girls tonight?

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  1. I think her plan is to not sit up or roll over so that you have to do it. Pretty clever.


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