Friday, July 26, 2013

The Next Steps

Steve and I have spent the last few months talking about how we maybe wanted to move someplace else in the greater-Atlanta area, preferably someplace a little less expensive, but with better schools, because while we have a great elementary school a quarter of a mile away from our house, the middle school we roll up into leaves a little more to be desired. And well, doesn't it possibly make sense to make the move now, before the girls get even more entrenched in the friend base their building where we are?

It does make some sense, but that hasn't made the decision making process any easier, and we kind of thought we'd put it on the backburner until spring. But, houses are selling right now, and interest rates are still low, and well...

We had a realtor out to our house last night, and we committed to her that we'd spend the next month getting the house showable, so we could list with her on September 1st. Ish.

And then we told Brigid that we were maybe going to go look for a new house, and she told us she didn't want to move because she loved her bed and would miss all of her toys.

I guess we're maybe going to have to work on our communication a little bit with that one...


  1. When we moved here, Elizabeth watched the packers and got increasingly distressed all day. Then they loaded the vacuum cleaner on the moving truck and she burst into tears.

  2. Yep, still read every once in a while to see what you're up to. We just went through this with Tyler. We finally ended up saying that everything but the walks, closets, doors, etc were staying. He was still skeptical right up to the movers delivering our stuff at the new house after storing it for 3 weeks. Morgan was obviously less phased, but was thrilled to see her glider again knowing we could rock at bed time. The hardest for both of them is knowing we can't walk a few houses either way to see their friends. So now I plan play dates so they can see them a few times a week and stalk the new neighborhood looking for evidence of little people. I'm hopeful we'll find them before Tyler starts riding the bus to Kindergarten in August. Good luck selling - we were fortunate and had a contract from the first couple through.


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