Monday, March 3, 2014

Missed Deadlines

When I took Caitlin in for her 12-month check-up back in December, we had just moved into our new house, so it was her first appointment with the new pediatrician that I'd found in our new city. Since the doctor didn't have any history with us, I think I was expecting some kind of deep background inquiry around what my kid could and couldn't do at this stage, but she simply asked all of the normal developmental questions for a one-year old, around what kind of sounds Caitlin was making, whether she was interactive with us, and of course, whether she was walking, yet.

Seeing as how Caitlin didn't really progress from army crawling to true crawling until something close to 10/11 months, the answer to the last question was not only 'no', it was a pretty emphatic 'HELL NO'. Not only was she NOT walking, she wasn't even close. She wasn't cruising around the furniture or behind a push toy. She wasn't trying to stand on her own. Heck, she wasn't even trying to stand with some assistance, since she wouldn't pull herself up into a standing position at all, for anything.

The doctor told me she wasn't too concerned at that point, since Caitlin was incredibly interactive in other ways, but that if she wasn't walking when we came back for the 15-month check-up, then she was 'going to want to talk about it'.

Tomorrow is that 15-month check-up. And Caitlin still isn't walking.

She's doing all of the other things she should have been doing three months ago, having finally learned to pull herself up against the furniture and walk with either adult (or big sister) or toy assistance, but as for standing on her own? Or even attempting to take a step on her own? We've had none of that.

And while I'm mildly worried about that fact that she seems to be so far behind in this developmental stage, I'm even more worried that the doctor is going to be concerned about how Caitlin is progressing at this age. Steve and I have been working with her for the last couple of months, trying to push the issue, but...

She just doesn't seem interested in walking. And I'm not sure how to remedy that fact, other than just wait it out.

I just hope the pediatrician is ok with that, too...


  1. The doctor at Elise's 18 month check was surprised she wasn't talking so I suspect she's going to be concerned if she isn't talking at 2. That is still a few months away and I am not worried in the least, but it is frustrating to know your child and have a "professional" stress you out about it.

  2. You know, this is how I feel about Ryan's lack of talking. I feel like he COULD but he just doesn't want to. He gets his point across just fine so why bother?


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