Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Weekend Away

Steve and I took a few days this weekend to head down to Tampa, Florida for Hunahpu Day, Cigar City Brewery's annual release festival for one of their more popular beers. Personally, we had a great time, because we got there a little early, stood in line first thing to buy the beers Steve had driven almost eight hours to buy, then took the next few hours to sample as many of the different beers on tap as we could, in absolutely perfectly gorgeous weather, I might add, before hightailing it out of there in time for a 4pm nap back at the hotel. Apparently, we were some of the lucky ones, though, as the 3,500 people that were supposed to have tickets to the event seemed closer to double, or even triple, that amount, and not everyone who spent $50 on a ticket for the right to buy beer was actually able to buy said beer.

I guess it got out of hand, the brewery (or the police, I'm not sure the specific details) shut the event down early, and Cigar City has decided to cancel the event in the future, moving to a regular distribution release of their super-special beer, instead of the big party it has been in the past.

Again...I was back in the hotel, under the covers at this point, watching Island Hunters on HGTV. To me? The event, and the weekend overall, was a success.

I even got to spend some quality time on the beach...

(Although, might I suggest, if you are looking for a peaceful spring break, maybe stay away from Clearwater Beach? At least on the weekends? It was CRAZY.)

(But fun.)

When we got home early Monday afternoon? Brigid was excited to see me, but she still told us she wanted Steve to put her to bed because even though she'd missed me, she'd actually missed daddy, more. And Caitlin wanted me to pick her up, only so she'd be able to more emphatically reach for Steve, going so far as to start CRYING ON ME when I wouldn't let her go.

So, obviously, if you're looking for me, I'll be back in Florida, since I'm OBVIOUSLY not needed at home anymore...


  1. You're welcome back any time!

  2. It sounds like a great trip! Let's ditch those ungrateful children and go back.


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