Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Caitlin makes a break for the refrigerator, every time we try to open it. She's a lot like our dogs, now that I think about it: constantly begging for food, recognizing the sound of BOTH the refrigerator AND pantry doors opening (and coming running when she hears either one), trying to eat whatever might be lying around on the floor at any point in time, peeing on the floor if given a long enough opportunity to do so...

(I think I've just decided that the next time someone tells me I really should try again to have a boy for Steve's sake, I'll just go get a new puppy, instead...)

Anyway, I guess I should be relieved that she was only going for milk this time around, because yesterday? I caught her trying to break into the liquor cabinet.

It might be time to invest in some cabinet locks to guard against this one...

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  1. Ryan stands by the fridge and cries until I open it and let him rummage.


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