Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Never-Ending Hike

On Sunday, it was 70 degrees and not raining, which made it the nicest non-working day we've had since...I don't know. December, maybe? I might be exaggerating, but I can't be completely sure. What I do know is that this winter has been terrible, and it just needs to go away, already. If I still lived up north, where it JUST WON'T QUIT SNOWING?!?!?! You'd probably find me rocking away in the corner at this point, in the fetal position, with my sound machine set to ocean waves and a picture of the beach gripped tightly in my hands...

As it is, we had a nice day before the cold weather came back to haunt us AGAIN, so we took advantage of it by hiking the falls about 45 minutes north of our house. The hike itself was only .8 of a mile, roundtrip, but as Steve finally gave in to Brigid's incessant begging for a camera and gave her our old digital camera, and as she is apparently the next Ansel Adams or something, we were on that .8 of a mile for something close to two hours. An effective aerobic workout, it was not.

But the family time was definitely worth it.

I couldn't get enough of Brigid in her little skinny jeans and ballcap PLUS her Converse and flannel. I mean...COME ON. It's like it was Halloween, and she'd decided to go as a stereotypical photographer, she was so dressed for the part. I took pictures of her taking pictures for maybe a quarter of the time she did it, before deciding that I maybe didn't need 45 pictures of her taking pictures, so I stopped. But I'd say that her eye for detail is pretty impressive...

We got a slideshow of Brigid's pictures when we got home, and she may need to work on the focus a little bit. Unless that's her signature look, I guess, because I never really can tell with these artistic types. At some point, though, I'll need to do a post of nothing but her pictures because what she finds interesting was pretty entertaining, and maybe we'll all decide that the blurriness was intentional.

She seemed pretty proud of herself, anyway...
Caitlin was not quite as impressed with the whole trip.

Oh. And then there was some nature stuff, too...

The park we were in had camping cabins everywhere, which is possibly the only way Steve will EVER get me to agree to a camping trip, and I'm excited to spend some more time around there when the weather starts to warm up a little. It's hard NOT to find peace hiking next to a mountain stream, even if you're having to stop every 30 seconds to watch your 4-year old take a picture of the side of a rock, so I really hope this becomes a regular thing for us.

PS: Mom, Georgia wants you to come visit...


  1. I just want to chew Brigid up. She's so cute.

  2. Look at your tiny little photographer!


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