Monday, April 4, 2011


We took my parents and youngest sister to the town of Dahlonega on Saturday, because it's the cutest little town in north Georgia, and my mom loves cute little towns. And I love places with a used bookstore, two chocolate shops, an ice cream parlor, and a general store that sells rock candy.

I totally took the camera, thinking I could get some great pictures of Brigid and my family around the town square, and then I left it in the car while we walked around. So I just took some iPhone pictures instead. Because even when I plan ahead, I still fall behind...

Hope a great weekend was had by all!


  1. She totally rocks the Pebbles hair-do! I love it! =)

    I love quaint little towns. My in-laws live in one and I love to walk through all the little shops and drive by (and drool at) all the incredibly old gorgeous houses.

  2. The iPhone takes awesome pics and has saved me several times! Looks like you guys had an awesome time...

    B has SO much hair!
    How's that steamed carpet going? Did it impress your mom? ;)

  3. SO cute! Love your daughter's striped shirt. Glad you had a good time with your parents. And how great are all those sweet shops! Yum!

  4. Oh my gosh, her hair is TOO cute!

  5. Her Pebbles hair is adorably hysterical!!!

    I use my iPhone for pretty much ALL of my photos other than outfit shots for the blog. The quality really isn't that bad and these came out great!


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