Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What She Said

I've spent so much time worrying over Brigid and her reluctance to talk, that I'd like to take a few minutes to celebrate the few things she actually does say. Because, believe it or not, all of my whining aside, she does get her point across when she needs to do so...

She's got the basics, of course...'bye-bye', 'night-night' (which refers to both her blanket and the actual act of going to sleep), 'mom-mom' (Just ask her to say daddy...I dare you. She'll laugh and yell for me. Of course, when we're walking somewhere, and I ask her if she wants mommy to pick her up, she'll run away from me as fast as her little legs can carry her and beg Steve to pick her up, but whatever. She has the psychological games down pat, that one...), 'ball', 'dog'. We got a 'water' or two out of her this weekend at the pool.

She still doesn't say Jack (Skellington, from Nightmare Before Christmas) or Elmo, which surprises me, because she loves both characters, but do you know what she does say?


And do you know how I know she says that?

Because when we were getting ice cream last Saturday, Brigid walked up to the candy counter, pointed at the bag of M&Ms, and asked for them by name. I turned to Steve and said, 'I think B just said M&M'. His response?

'Yeah, she's been doing that for a couple of weeks now. We were just too afraid to tell you.'

A couple of weeks. My kid is a sugar fiend. So there's that...

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  1. Yeah. I love you so much for sharing these little surprises with us! And M&Ms and mom-mom are both very awesome things in Bs life!

  2. I love how your husbnad did not want to tell you se said m&m...ha!!


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