Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Peter Cottontail

I’ve been so wrapped up in family visit recapping, I completely forgot to mention that Brigid had pictures taken last Friday with the Easter bunny. Ok, not THE Easter bunny, as in a random someone dressed up in a creepy rabbit costume, but AN Easter bunny, as in a cute and fluffy baby rabbit.

The cuteness! I melted.

Brigid, in true toddler-with-a-dog fashion, could have cared less about the sweet little bunny, no matter how many times we urged her to ‘Awwww the bunny!’ (Brigid speak for petting said animal, or laying her cheek against its fur), as we have her do that on a daily basis with the dogs when they are sleeping.

(What? It’s one of her cute little tricks. And, yes, we do treat our child like a trained animal when people come to see her. I can’t help it.)

We did manage to get an adorable shot of her sitting, with the bunny on her lap, and there were other various pictures taken involving Easter eggs and smelling flowers and some such run-of-the-mill springtime poses. It was supposed to be a quick, 15-minute shoot, but our photographer had an open spot between Brigid and the following appointment, so we kind of lucked into a double sitting. I can’t wait to get the proofs back, so I can see how they turned out!


  1. Shush with all the cuteness. I can't take it. I want her outfit in my size, stat!

    S met the Easter Bunny on Saturday. She was smitten.

  2. What a pretty little lady and that sweater is adorable!

  3. oh my is she cute in those ruffles...cannot wait to see the pics with the easter bunny!


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