Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Eighteen Month Check-Up

The stats:
Weight: 25lbs 3oz (good for 50-75th percentile)
Length: 33 inches (good for 75-90th percentile...woo!)

Of course, when I take Brigid in for a doctor appointment, she gets four shots at a time, and she cries with me the entire time we're there. When Steve takes her, she gets no shots, and she spends the appointment asleep on his chest. Shouldn't there be some kind of mommy rules that apply here, where I don't have to be the one she hates, yet? It doesn't seem quite fair to me.

What we learned:
 Brigid sleeps too much.
It's kind of our fault she's not talking, yet.
It's time for baby's first dental trip.

We were a little concerned with how much B sleeps, considering she's good for 12 hours a night, plus two naps a day, so I had Steve talk to the doctor about it. It turns out, she is on the 'high end of normal' when it comes to how much she sleeps, so we've been told it's time to work her into one nap a day, both for our convenience and B's development. I kind of think I'm going to miss that second nap a day...

As far as her speech abilities go, the doctor referred to it as 'first child syndrome', in that we aren't doing enough to encourage Brigid to talk to us. When she wants something, she points, and we get it. It's as simple as that. And that has to stop. I kind of think she's going to be the one to miss this little change...

And a dentist? That should go over really, really well, huh?


  1. I just wrote a gigantron comment and google wouldn't let me post it. :(

  2. I wish my kids would take a second nap or be told they sleep too much...the boys hate to sleep!!
    Jack did not talk a lot either and they said the same thing about being the first kid...now he never shuts up!!

  3. Do you remember getting shots when you were her age?

    She won't remember either. I know it sucks though. I know.

    I thought sleeping was a GOOD thing that helped with brain development and stuff. Didn't realize too much was a bad thing for kids. Huh.

    I think you guys will have a FUN time with the talking thing, trying to not give in to her when you know full well what it is that she wants. Ugh.

    And a dentist? Mine is going to be four in June and I have yet to take her. Our doctor(s) haven't been too concerned about that yet.


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