Monday, April 25, 2011

Things I love about Brigid, 18-Month Edition

1) When you ask Brigid for a hug, she giggles, and wraps her arms around your neck. And it's maybe the best hug I've ever received. Ever.

2) When B sees a picture of me, she gasps and shouts 'mom-mom-mom-mom', which is ridiculously adorable every time she does it, except when she does it at a particularly quiet time during Easter Mass. And then follows it up with a rather loud screech when you try to take the photo album away from her.

3) When I tell B she needs to hold my hand, whether it's to keep her from touching everything in a public bathroom after we've finished a diaper change or to keep her from walking into traffic in the parking lot, she generally does. Walking around, holding the hand of one of the cutest toddlers in the history of toddlers (yes, I know I'm a bit biased, but it's my blog, so it's allowed...) gets me a lot of admiring looks, let me tell you.

4) Brigid preens for strangers. If someone smiles at her, or waves to her, or tells her how cute she is, she ducks her head and smiles the sweetest little smile. She's particularly enamored with waiters, it seems. The kid is a flirt, which is reason #976 why she will be home schooled.

(I don't actually think she will be home schooled, but there are some days when it seems like it would really be our best bet...)

5) Brigid loves her dogs. I've never seen anything cuter than Riley lying on the ottoman with Brigid stretched out on top of her, thumb in her mouth, watching Elmo on Sesame Street. It's kind of awesome.


  1. Toddler hugs are about the best thing ever.

    But man, if you could share your secret on getting her to hold your kid will ONLY hold hands going down stairs. Otherwise, he wants to be FREEEEEEE. And there is much complaining when I decree otherwise.

  2. So, so, so sweet! And I'm with you on getting those looks when you're holding the hand of the cutest toddler EVER. ;)

  3. AWWW soooo sweet. P gives the best hugs. I love them so much! :)

    And yes, Brigid IS the cutest toddler ever! :)


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