Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Give them an inch...

Me: No, Brigid, you can't stand on the balcony. You have to stay in the house.

Brigid: Well, that just doesn't seem fair, right there. Maybe, if I just stand here, looking cute, she'll change her mind?

Brigid: No? Really? That's not working? Maybe if I ask Daddy, instead...?

Steve: Sure you can come on the balcony. Oh, wait...mom said no? Then you can only come on the balcony if you're sitting down instead of standing up. Compromise is allowed, right?

Brigid: I WIN!!!

(Do I even need to tell you that all day on Sunday, when I'd tell Brigid no about something, she'd run to Steve in tears, telling him 'mommy said no!', fully expecting to get a different answer out of him? No? I don't need to tell you that? You saw that one coming from a mile away?
Yeah...you and me, both, friend...)


  1. I'm totally impressed she told him that you said no!

  2. Sneaky.

    Last weekend, I told Elizabeth no sips of soda. Then she asked Matt ten thousand times until he poured her a cup. I considered punishing them both by never buying soda again.


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