Friday, March 30, 2012

This and That

A few things for Friday:

* Somebody, somewhere, has taught my child that gummy candies belong in her ice cream. I'd like to lodge a formal parenting complaint against this development,

* Brigid and I are heading to the beach tomorrow to crash my parents'/sister's spring break trip for a few days. There will be three of us in the Bug going down to Florida, as my sister has agreed to help me entertain the two-year old beast for the southbound portion of the trip, but I am on my own for the return leg. So if you have any happy thoughts to spare on Tuesday...send them my way.

* On a related note, I totally plan to take Mary (my lovely sister) and Brigid cruising along the Panama City Beach strip in my convertible. Because every high school senior wants to spend spring break cruising with a two-year old, right? At the very least, it would have to be better than the spring break we took my mom's mini van (and my mom and dad and other sister) out and about...

* Gummy bears. In ice cream. I just don't know about that kid...

* Steve is on his own this weekend, with Brigid and I off frolicking on the beach, so if you happen to drive by my house and notice a raging party taking place, could you call me and let me know? You never know with him...

* I'm really having a problem getting over this gummy bear thing. I mean, seriously. Ew.


  1. When we last went out for ice cream, Elizabeth demanded gummy bears as her topping. But then when they tried to fix it in, she started shrieking. So she ate a bowl of gummy bears and I ate a bowl of ice cream.

  2. The boys like gummi bears in their ice cream...I agree with you...ick!!!


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