Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Remember that whole vacation thing?



Remember how Steve and I were going away for a week, and I was so concerned because I'd never been away from Brigid for that length of time, and I was going to be in an entirely different country, and OH MY POOR BABY!!!!, and other such nonsense?


Well, it turns out that I might as well have saved myself the worry (which, yes, of course, I knew before I even left that it was stupid to worry about leaving her because she'd be fine, but still...see 'MY POOR BABY!!' above...), because I'm not entirely sure Brigid even realized we were gone. We talked to her every day over Facetime (hooray for wonderful hotels with free wi-fi), and on every call, after the initial excitement of seeing us on the screen, and shouting 'HI MOMMY!! HI DADDY!!' in our general direction, she'd be off on some other mission much more important than talking to her parents, who obviously missed her much more than she missed them.

And then...


When we did get home, was she excited to see us? NO!!*

In fact, when my sister-in-law heard the garage door open, and she turned to Brigid with a 'guess who's home!!' excitement about her, my dear, sweet daughter (so I've been told) guessed grandma.

Not mommy. Not daddy.


So, while I could take this to mean that a week here or there in a kid-free manner is not ever out of the question now that I know Brigid is perfectly able to get along without us around, I'm choosing, instead, to take the route of never leaving the house again, because if I'm not getting a dramatic 'don't ever leave me again' kind of homecoming out of that kid, then I'm just not going to give her the satisfaction of leaving at all.**

I win. So there.***

*Lies. All lies. Well, most of it, anyway. She was excited to see us, once she realized that it really was us coming home. And, if I'm going to be completely honest, I guess it is understandable that she'd think it was the person she'd just spent the last five days with coming to see her, and not the parents that abandoned her for a week to frolic on tropical beaches.

(Please, take a minute to imagine Steve and I frolicking, tropical beach or not...

Ha! Ok. Sorry about that...

As you were...)

**Also a complete, bald faced lie. If I get the excuse to tropical beach again? I AM TOTALLY TAKING IT!!!!

***I'm guessing Steve is experiencing a moment of pure joy at the realization that I can, in fact, out-immature a toddler.

I. Am. Awesome.

PS: The trip was wonderful. The wedding was lovely. My sister was beautiful. My family members are my favorite people to vacation with. And my in-laws were great for taking Brigid on for a week while we were gone. I'm a pretty lucky gal, you know?

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