Friday, March 2, 2012


Steve and Brigid had a few last minute, pre-vacation errands to run, and as my teenaged-sleep-habits-trapped-in-a-toddler-body child has not been sleeping so well lately due to the all-consuming congestion she's been dealing with these last few nights, Brigid obviously thought this was as good a time as any to catch a little snooze.

Poor, sweet baby.

(Also, please note that my child is wearing shorts and a t-shirt in MARCH, because it has been 80 here this week.

That's right, 80.

Why wasn't my tropical vacation scheduled last year when we got hit with the fifteen year snow storm, again?)


  1. I love it when kids fall asleep in strange places. Jacob never did this, and I think that's why I am amused. He has fallen asleep on the floor once, while my nephew would happily choose the floor for a nap. Feel better, Brigid!


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