Tuesday, May 29, 2012


In a move that will shock absolutely no one who has EVER met a toddler, Brigid's desire to be carried from place to place has increased exponentially since my doctor told me I should limit how much I pick her up. And after having the 'mommy can't pick you up because of the baby' conversation with her every day for the last month, she's finally starting to catch on to the way things work.

I mean, if I'm the only one around? She still demands I hold her. But at least now, if she has other options, she'll use them.

Last night, she asked Steve to take her upstairs for her bath. 'Pick up, daddy. You no have baby in your tummy. Only mommy have baby in her tummy.'

So, she knows how that works, anyway...


  1. We have been having that argument a lot too. (I was never forbidden to pick her up, but my back has its own ideas apparently.) We haven't really told her about the baby yet, so I just say "Mama can't pick you up, but she can hold your hand!" And then Elizabeth glares at me all mad.

  2. We went through that, too! but I wanted to be careful not to blame it on the baby (and build up sibling resentment) so I just told P that my back hurt or that I had an owwie and couldn't pick him up, but daddy could. He eventually got the message!

  3. I didn't mind carrying Jacob when I didn't have a belly the size of a beach ball, but it's really awkward now. And even though he should be old enough to not be carried, he still wants it. So there is a lot of wailing and hand holding up and down our stairs on a daily basis.

  4. S has been the same way!!! Now I'm so, so, so huge that she tells me I don't have a lap for her to sit on and that baby sister is sitting in my lap for her turn right now. But it's like she wants me more!


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