Wednesday, May 30, 2012


With Brigid, I felt sick, all of the time. I didn't really get sick that often, but I always felt like I was on the verge of it, and that was just a miserable way to spend three months.

With this one, it's been so much better. The smell of pepper, and the memory of this pistachio/cherry/pepper mixture I got from Costco, is enough to send me into a fit of dry heaves, but the pervasive sense of nausea hasn't been there as often.

(Well, pepper and particle board, I should say. The smell of particle board wreaked havoc on me for awhile, too, which was awesome, because Brigid's new room is full of new IKEA particle board furniture. So, that made for a pleasant bedtime routine...)

(Oh, and crying. Pepper, particle board, and crying all make me want to vomit. Guess who is an emotional mess even when she isn't pregnant? That's right, this girl. It's all just a rockin' good time around these parts, is what I'm saying...)

With Brigid, right from the start, I don't think I met an Oreo I didn't like. I could go through an entire bag in a couple of days, no questions asked.

With this one, my sweet tooth is still there (as evidenced by the healthy dose of s'mores I put away over Memorial Day weekend), but it's not as all-consuming. Monday, Steve brought home a box of drumsticks when he went grocery shopping, and I DIDN'T EVEN WANT ONE ON MONDAY NIGHT! I was heartbroken, really...

(But apples? I can't seem to get enough apples. That's just weird. Also, Subway veggie subs. I don't get it, either...)

I don't remember being as drop dead tired with Brigid as I am with this one, but that's probably because when I was pregnant with Brigid, I didn't also have Brigid running around. I realize that probably makes a pretty big difference across the board. I also realize that's most likely going to make the newborn phase a little more hell-ish, too, so at least I have that to look forward to.

But, you know, not everything is different...

My hips are getting bigger. My stomach is, too. My hair is drying up and falling out at an alarming rate. And my skin is breaking out like I'm one, big hormonal mess.

Which I am. Again.

So, at least that makes sense.

It's nice to have something familiar to fall back on, after all.


  1. It kind of amazes me how something that is technically pretty much the same can be so different each time.

  2. Oh apples, I craved those like nothing else with Kyle. Well, apples, cereal, and chocolate croissants.


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