Thursday, May 17, 2012

She likes me!

Apparently, when Brigid told me the other night that she did not, in fact, like me much at all, she was totally yanking my chain. Because when I got home from work last night? I got more hugs from that kid while I was making her dinner than I had in her entire life before that point.

And then! Well, then she apparently missed me so very, very much, in fact, that once she saw me again, she decided she was not going another night without seeing me as much as possible, if our 3am to 4:30am slumber party is any indication.

So. She loves me! Or something like that...

(Let's completely ignore the part in the evening, though, when she ran to Steve to 'protect' her because 'mommy is mean', shall we? I mean, it's my own fault, of course, for requesting that she put on a nightgown after her bath and brush her teeth before bed.

I am evil. Obviously.)

Glad to have you home, Bug.


  1. Aw, it does seem like she must have missed you!

    Jacob likes to cry out for Daddy whenever he is trouble with me now. Even when Daddy is far away at work. You can imagine how well this works for him.

  2. Elizabeth wakes up during the night extra times if I am not home at bedtime. It's like she's checking to make sure I am still here.


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