Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Well, this has been going on for weeks, now...

So, it looks like Brigid is getting a younger sibling for Christmas this year.

And Steve and I are about 6 1/2 months away from being matched up, one-on-one, against the children in our house. Considering Brigid is an easy kid, and it sometimes still takes both of us to handle the toddler-wrangling, I think this also means we are about 6 1/2 months away from losing whatever small amount of sanity we have left in our lives.

But...NEW BABY!!!

Sanity is probably highly overrated, anyway...


  1. Again, big, huge congrats! You make the most adorable children, so I can't wait to "meet" this little boy/girl.

  2. Oh wow!! Congratulations!!!

  3. Yeah!!! I am so freaking happy for you!! I am sorry to admit that two is a lot harder than one...but so worth it!!
    Woo hoo!!!

  4. Hooray! And hooray again!

    You can still play man-to-man defense with this one. You only have to go to zone defense if you move to three. ;)

  5. I 2nd what Jen says!

    Congratulations! I hope you are feeling great, or at least not terrible!

  6. Wait, what what waht??? I'm so late to this party! Congratulations, friend!!! I'm so excited for you!!


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