Monday, October 7, 2013

I need to stop asking her to smile for pictures...

This kid is going to be four tomorrow.
I don't even know how this happened, and I DO NOT APPROVE OF IT AT ALL.

However, whether I approve or not, you're all invited to the party I've decided to throw for her at Bath and Body Works next weekend.

She, uh, has a thing for smelling things, see? She has a thing for smelling EVERYTHING.

And when I changed out the hand soap scent this week? She reacted with a level of excitement I've only ever reserved for Christmas morning. 'Mommy, I touched the toilet seat! I have to wash my hands! I CAN'T WAIT TO USE THE NEW SOAP!!!'

So, I'm going to save myself a couple of hundred dollars on renting a place out where she can have a party with all of her friends, and I'm just going to take her to the mall and let her smell candles and lotions for an hour. She's happy, I'm happy, everyone is happy!

This is going to be the easiest birthday party, EVER.


  1. Genius idea. We are in. Can we go to the candle shop too?

  2. I'm going to need the exact location...


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