Friday, October 11, 2013

Well, that didn't go quite as planned...

Steve decided earlier this year that Brigid was finally old enough to appreciate a trip to Disney World, and he's been planning the big vacation in secret (from her, anyway...that is way too much for him to plan in secret from me) ever since. And, he (well, he/we) decided that we'd make the big announcement about the upcoming trip to Brigid on her birthday.

So. We took Brigid out to a special birthday dinner at the restaurant of her choice (it's not my fault that the restaurant of her choice happened to be the same one we eat at about once a week), let her open a small range of Disney themed presents, then set her up for the surprise.

'Brigid, you know how we've been talking about taking a trip to Disney World sometime soon? Well, for your birthday, WE'RE TAKING YOU TO DISNEY IN A FEW WEEKS!!'


'Brigid. Disney? You get to meet all of the princesses? Are you excited?'

Nothing. And then...

'Are there any more presents for me to open?'

And the moral of the story is? Brigid won't be on a Disney commercial celebrating her upcoming trip anytime soon, because if it's not something she can unwrap, it's not really a gift that she can fully grasp, apparently.

(Also? She's four. I am not surprised, in the least.)


  1. She is going to have the best time.

  2. She'll be hella excited when you actually get there!


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