Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Pink Party

Between work, Caitlin, and the stress of trying to sell our house/buy a new one, I feel like I kind of mailed in Brigid's birthday party this year. For her earlier parties (you know, the ones she didn't even CARE about because she was just a baby...), I started planning months in advance. I'd Pinterest the heck out of whatever theme I'd decided on for the event, and we'd lay out elaborate plans for decorations and menu options.

Case in point: I still have an entire stack of Krystal cups in my pantry from Brigid's second birthday party, when Steve decided we should do a hot dog bar. We picked up so many hot dogs and buns from the place, they outfitted us with enough dinnerware to last us two years, apparently. All of this, for a party of about 10 people. 

This year? I was tired. When Brigid told me she wanted a 'pink' themed party, I figured it could plan itself. And then I almost forgot to call and book a place to have it, which would have ruined everything, obviously. BUT! Someone was watching out for me, because when I called this place to ask them if the location five minutes away from my house had anything, at any time, in the weekend less than two weeks from that date, I could hear the suppressed laughter in the voice of the lady I was talking to, which was immediately followed by complete surprise when she did, in fact, have an opening in that weekend.

We went to Party City on Friday to buy everything pink that they had. Steve made the cake on Saturday. We picked up pizzas and snacks on Sunday on the way to the party. And that was that.

Brigid had a great time running around with some of her friends for an hour and a half, I didn't have to clean my house before or after having people over, and I got to reuse the pink banner I'd bought for Brigid's birthday last year, because I am a genius for not just throwing it out after the ballerina princess party of age three.

(Brigid would not stop talking about how excited she was to get on the balance beam at this place. She'd been 'practicing' for weeks on the raised part of our fireplace. She's got good form, that kid. I may have to look into gymnastics lessons for her sometime soon...)

(OH! And when she blew out her candles, she wished, again, that mommy could stay home with her every day forever and ever. So. I need to keep working on that.)


  1. Your "not planning" still trumps most everything! It looks like she had a blast!

  2. It was a fabulous party. Don't tell Joshua, but Elizabeth declared that his party the day before was "way not as good" as Brigid's.


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