Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It Starts Early

Steve and I would never try to influence are children's individuality. We want them to grow up to be their own people, to make their own decisions, to choose their own way in life.

But if using the Notre Dame alma mater as a lullaby since birth, and teaching Brigid the words to the Notre Dame fight song as soon as she could talk, and dressing the girls up in their Notre Dame finest every fall Saturday, and forcing them to forego cartoons for an afternoon of football just so happens to turn them into Fighting Irish fans, then who are we to argue with the decisions that they make?

Also, Brigid would like you to know that Saturday's loss to Oklahoma really bummed her out.

'Take a picture of me looking sad, mommy!'


  1. I just want to eat her up. Sad puppy dog face and all.

  2. She looks very sad. You need to send those pictures to the team and tell them to try harder next time.


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