Monday, February 15, 2010

Red, yellow, and bluuuue

I have been replaced as a parent.

I knew eventually my child would have no need for me anymore, but I didn’t expect it to happen at four months. Seriously, she’s too busy entertaining herself to even bother with me now.

I’d probably be sad if it wasn’t so cute.

(The first video goes on for five minutes (and includes a very creepy laugh from me…I have no idea where it came from…I sincerely hope that’s not always what I sound like), and I assume the only people who are going to want to watch something that long are the grandparents. The second video is much shorter, and it includes a smile/giggle (from the baby, not me…she’s not so creepy), so I’d highly recommend that one. Also, keep an ear out for the song about colors in the background of both videos. This song plays at the slightest vibration of the exersaucer. And I mean, the absolute smallest movement. You could blow on the toy, and that song would play. I can’t be held responsible for the possible violence against the singing lizard that may be caused by hearing this every 30 seconds.)

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