Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Someone told me I deserved an expensive gift...

Care to guess what happens when you turn 30?

You get early birthday presents like this:

Happy birthday to me!

Ok, this actually had nothing to do with my birthday and everything to do with the fact that the microwave on our old microwave/oven combo officially died. Like, two weeks ago.

I know! Two weeks without a microwave! What was Steve thinking?!?!

I don't do cooking. When it comes to family dinner nights, I get jobs like grating cheese and slicing bread. I'm amazing at the after dinner clean-up, but before dinner? I'm basically useless. We had people over last weekend, and Steve made 18 different appetizers to share. My contribution? Bringing the vegetable tray up from the basement refrigerator and taking the plastic off. I was a big help. I also opened a bottle of wine, but I think that did more harm than good. Mainly to myself. Although, I still blame the ice.

Anyway, what all of this means is that being without a microwave for two weeks just doesn't work for me. I've had to boil water on the stove! I've heated up soup in a pot! I've used a skillet to make breakfast! And I've hated every minute of it. Honestly, I am severely lacking in the patience department (which you probably know, if you've ever driven with me anywhere or been on the phone with me while I was driving somewhere), and a microwave is just so much faster than the stove. Plus, since we're slowly phasing out our white appliances as they break and replacing them with stainless steel...shiny! pretty! woo!

So, basically, and I know this is really lame, but I'm old now, so deal with it, this might just be the best birthday present Steve could have gotten me.

I really need to get out more.

One more thing, for anyone who feels the exact opposite of me and would rather wait 20 minutes to melt cheese (vs 30 seconds in my kick ass new microwave!)...I now have a working oven with a broken microwave attached to it, if you're interested. You're welcome.

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