Monday, August 16, 2010

Hey, look...another trip to the doctor!

Quick administrative note...I did take pictures when we were in Indiana. And video. So, yes, Jennie, I do have super cute, chubby baby, bathing suit pictures to share.

However, they are all still on the camera, and not on the computer where I can get to them to do said sharing. Because I am lazy. And can't figure out how to get the darn pictures to upload themselves, with no work on my part. But I will get them up.

At some point.


We went to the cardiologist last Thursday (and I totally meant to post this update on Friday, but, you know...lazy, remember?), and apparently everything still looks fine. At one point, in one of our previous visits, they were worried about the possibility that one chamber of the heart was becoming enlarged due to pressure caused from the blood flow through the hole, but she had an EKG, and it seems that whatever abnormality they were seeing is gone. So, good news there.

On the other hand, it also seems that we've (emotionally) scarred our child for life with all of these vaccines and shots she's been stuck with because the minute the doctor hit the hand sanitizer and rubbed his hands together, Brigid lost her mind. There was screaming involved, and all the poor man wanted to do was listen to her heart. Luckily (I guess, since it means the hole is so small), the murmur is loud enough that he could hear it over her crying, because she didn't calm down again until he left the room. She either associates hand sanitizer with needles, or she hates the stethoscope. Either way, the doctor doesn't seem to think she has a problem with her lungs, and we will not be getting RSV vaccination shots this fall/winter.

Brigid's weight was 21lbs 2oz, right about at the 75th percentile, and her length was 28 1/4 inches, right about at (or slightly above) the 50th percentile. So she gained 4oz and grew 3/4 of an inch in 3 weeks? Do kids really grow that quickly? Insanity.

Anyway, we're set for another year, I guess. The doctor wants us to come back next summer for an ultrasound, and beyond that, we'll just wait and see. Maybe the hole will close completely, maybe it won't. All I know is we have an adorably healthy baby...what more could we want?

Besides, it's not like it's slowing her down at all...

Crazy kid.

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