Monday, August 9, 2010

Ten Months

Yes, I know I'm a day late on this, but we just spent a very nice couple of days in Indiana swimming and eating and playing outside, while completely avoiding t.v. and phones and internet. It was awesome, and you loved it, so I know you forgive me for my lazy posting. Plus, I'm your mom, so you have to forgive me. That's the way these things work, kiddo.

Anyway, you turned ten months old yesterday, and we celebrated with french fries at a McDonald's somewhere in Tennessee. I think you would have preferred the french fries without the 10 hour car ride that surrounded them, but sometimes you take what you can get. Once again, you grew by leaps and bounds this month, enjoying your first playdate and spending your first weekend away from your mom and dad. I was worried that there might be some separation anxiety when your dad and I left you for our trip to Denver, but I knew it would be solely on our side of things, as you are perfectly content hanging out with or without us. And you know what? I was right. One trip to Toys R Us and a dinner at Don Pablos later, and you may have actually been disappointed when daddy and I got home.

Oh, what else happened this month?

TEETH!! You grew teeth. Two, to be exact. Just when I was beginning to wonder if you'd ever get any of those suckers in your lifetime, you popped two out, one right after the other. And the fussiness and nightly wake-up calls? Maybe, possibly, finally explained. And maybe, possibly, finally on hold. At least until the next round of teething commences. So, no hurry or anything. I'm fine with just the two, thanks.

We hit your nine month check-up a few weeks late, and the doctor informed us that we needed to work on transitioning you to adult food. And wouldn't you know? Your dad was all over that request. And you've been pretty excited about it yourself. You started off a little slow, but I think you've finally come around to the joys of textured foods. You love mushrooms and avocados and pureed cauliflower. You are all for cooked apples and grilled cheese and tofu and eggs. Spaghetti and meatballs? Yes, please. Popsicles? You seem a little tentative at first, what with the whole coldness factor, but you get over that after one taste. Pasta, peas, carrots, bananas, animal crackers, pancakes, sweet potatoes? Keep it coming. I'm impressed with the variety of foods you can put away, honestly, and I just hope you can keep it up. I think your dad would be incredibly disappointed if you were a picky baby.

You can pick Elmo out of a crowd. You can crawl up the stairs. You are walking around, using the furniture for support. You are considering stepping away from that furniture support, but you're not quite there, yet. And really, I'm not quite there, yet, either. You sing and dance and wave 'hi' and 'bye-bye' like a crazy woman. You are talking up a storm now. I'm not exactly sure what you are saying, but it seems important, so I keep listening. In fact, I have to keep listening. If you feel like we're not hanging on your every word, you give a little (LOUD!) shriek to bring our attention back to you. We found this out the hard way when we tried to take you out to dinner a couple of weeks ago. I'm not so sure our fellow diners appreciated this, and I can only hope you don't try it when we take you on your first plane ride in a month.

You tried to give Peyton a kiss (open mouthed, of course) when you got back from Indiana last night, you were so excited to see her. Riley kissed you before you could get to her because she was too excited to wait her turn. You were ridiculously excited to see your toys.

You're still the same happy baby you've always been, and I couldn't ask for anybody more fun to spend my time with.

Happy birthday, Bug!

I love you.

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