Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The one where I try to make up for my terrible vacation pictures...

Just to prove to everyone that I can take pictures (sometimes, when I try really, really hard, that is), Brigid and I had a little fashion show last week.  See, Brigid has this green dress that I bought for her months ago with the innocence of a new parent who thinks she's going to put her infant in pretty dresses and frilly underoos every day once the weather warms up.  In reality, I am now the jaded mother of a mobile ten-month old who is lucky if I get her out of her sleeper at any point during the day, much less put her in any sort of clean or cute outfit.

So, this dress, it's been worn once.  Granted, the one time wearing occurred when we took her to get her pictures taken a couple of months ago, so I do have proof that the dress has been used, but still.  I needed to put her in it again, if only to justify my idiocy of buying it in the first place.  Dresses, especially longer dresses, are probably great for little girls who can walk.  Little girls who are only crawling?  Damn dress just gets in the way. 

I refused to be put off, though.  After her morning nap, I dressed her up and took her downstairs.  She hated the dress.  It caused her all sorts of problems when she tried to get around the family room, but she looked absolutely adorable trying, so I took pictures anyway.

Seriously...look at this kid!

Now that is a kid who needs her bangs cut!

Anyway, it all worked out for Brigid because I didn't think about taking the dress off before I fed her lunch about an hour later, and she finished up the meal with some grapes in her teething, mesh bag, fruit holder, ring thingy.  She was a hugely sticky mess, with juice stains all down the front of her, when all was said and done, so the dress came off.  And Brigid was free to roam the house nekkid once again.

But it's clean now, so you'd better believe she's going back into this outfit first chance I get!

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  1. HEY! At least she has bangs!!! LOL. Hope all is well.

    P.s. I loved your attempt at being a photographer, I do it all the time. lol.


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