Friday, August 27, 2010

It just doesn't seem fair...

Brigid is becoming quite the little card these days.  The kid has developed this sense of humor that, while it cracks me up now, I feel like I might not be entirely on board with when she gets a little older.

She locks her legs so I can't get her into her high chair, then laughs at me while I struggle.

She spits food out, gets in on her grandmother, then laughs when her grandma says 'oh no!' in surprise.

She feeds the dogs, sneakily, under her high chair tray, then giggles when I figure out what is going on and shoo them away.

She holds up her cheek for a kiss, then turns away with a smile when you come in to give her one.

She giggles when she farts.

She makes a beeline for the (icky, hair covered, off-limits to baby) dog bed, then lays in it, laughing, until I come to get her out of it.

She comes thisclose to falling asleep in my arms, then she smiles and pulls herself up into a standing position the very moment I put her into her crib for the night.

It cracks her up when my mother-in-law says 'ouch!' after hurting herself.

She cracks herself up by throwing toys into hard to reach places, then watching me try to get them back out again.

Basically, she is rotten, through and through, this kid.

So she got her dad's looks, and her dad's personality, I guess.

I swear to all, the next one* had better take after me somehow, or I'm sending it back!

*Whenever we get around to having a next one, that is.  This isn't any sort of announcement or anything...

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