Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday Night Dinner

Last night, we did a family dinner out on the town.  And I have pictures.  Shocking, no?

First of all, it was not my decision to dress the poor child like a little boy.  I mean, I am of the opinion that you should support your team wearing your team's colors, and I've never been a fan of the whole pink jersey trend.  But when you're talking about a ten month old? And people call her a him, even when she's wearing a pink dress?  Then, I don't think the jean skirt is really going to be enough to set them straight with this get-up.

Second of all, I will fully admit that I should apologize to the older version of Brigid who someday comes back to read these stories and look at these pictures, because my attempt to feminize the whole look?  It didn't go quite as well as I had planned...

Goodness, almighty.  Looks like somebody may be going as baby Olivia Newton John for Halloween this year...

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