Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why is it only Wednesday?!?!?

So, I've heard from a couple people with advice on how to manage air travel with a baby, but I'm always open to more suggestions. So, if you haven't weighed in yet, please do! I have had several people suggest something along the lines of baby Benadryl for the flight, but Steve has all of these 'views' on 'parenting', so we probably won't be doing that. Unless she gets really, really fussy before takeoff, that is...


Brigid is almost a year old. One. Year. Old. So very, very, very weird for me to think about. I am, of course, planning the best first birthday ever...because, why wouldn't I be? Who doesn't want to shell out for $100+ worth of Elmo decorations to be used during a small family/select friends birthday party that the guest of honor won't even understand, let alone remember? Not to mention the Elmo cake that, from the plans I've seen drawn up so far, will take approximately six to eight hours to decorate? Why wouldn't this make sense to everyone?

And if I get a pin the nose on Elmo birthday game that I make everyone play? With blindfolds? And spinning? So much the better.


I'm tired. Very, very tired. I haven't been this tired since I was pregnant. I was more tired during the newborn days, because waking up every 2-3 hours saps your will to live, but I'm getting close to that point. I'm not really sleeping any less than I have been, so I'm not sure if it's a poor sleep pattern thing or a nutritional deficiency thing. I either need to start sleeping in my own bed, away from dogs that don't understand the meaning of 'personal space' and 'sleeping through the night', or I need to get my iron levels checked. One of those has to be the culprit, no?

In any case, wake me when it's Friday, please.

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