Thursday, October 14, 2010

Birthday Party, Year One...

My husband?  He is a cake baking/decorating wizard. 

My kid?  She knows how to eat cake.  And she loves doing it.

Perfect match, no?

The cake...a work of art!  Steve, I should probably tell you, no matter how long this took to're on the hook, now.  We're going to expect big things from you every year.

Coordinating cupcakes?  Why not?

Oh, the tissue paper poms.  Damn you, Martha Stewart!

These things are being clumped together and hung from the ceiling of Brigid's playhouse in the basement.  Because I am NOT throwing them away. 

The birthday girl!

Yes, this is another special outfit we bought for her before we realized it was going to be almost 90 on her birthday.  Last year, it was 60 and rainy for a week+ at this point.  

This weather would have been helpful when I was shuttling a newborn to and from the hospital for bloodwork every other day...

Brigid found a new favorite toy in her pile of presents...and Peyton agreed, wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, this might not last long as a baby toy, if the dogs have any say in the matter.

Red icing?  Possibly not the best choice for baby's first birthday cake...

Brigid seemed all right with it, though.

Sugar rush!!!!

It doesn't taste as good if it's not all over your face and in your hair, right B?

Such a thoughtful kid...

Just kidding!

This kid?  Went directly into the bath when this was over.  And once the sugar wore off?  Let's just say she slept pretty well on Sunday night...

Thank you to everyone that came over on Sunday for Brigid's birthday party.  I know baby birthdays can be a little awkward, with all of the standing around and staring that takes place, but Steve and I really appreciated everyone coming.  Hope y'all enjoyed it at least a little bit!

Now, to get started on next year's party...

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