Tuesday, October 26, 2010

State of the Brigid

Brigid is starting to take to this whole walking thing. She's still not that consistent, but she can finally cross the room unassisted when she puts her mind to it. For some reason, this also involves walking with her arms straight up in the air, like she's still holding my hand or Steve's, but we'll go with it for now because it seems to work for her. At least she's not still trying to walk on her toes. That didn't seem to go as well...

Also, since Steve told me that the 6 1/2 minutes of Brigid falling down just wasn't going to cut it in the baby video department, we have some video from Sunday night of the actual progress she's making. And if I can ever figure out how to upload something like video out on this here internet, maybe I'll post that someday. If not, you'll just have to come to my house and see it for yourself.


I think we have more teeth coming in. Finally!! Steve thought I was making things up, but I could see them on Friday. I swear, right below the gums, the top two teeth were just barely visible. But, since I couldn't get the kid to sit still, with her mouth hanging open, long enough for me to verify, we had to wait until they became more visible. Well, last night, they (or one of them, anyway) finally pushed through, and Steve was all smug with his 'did you see the tooth?' attitude.

Yes, dear. I saw the tooth. Friday. REMEMBER?!?!?

So. Annoying.


I got a lot of kisses this past weekend from Brigid. A LOT. I think she may be buttering me up for something, and I'm starting to get a little nervous.


I'm really starting to wish that I could keep a video camera on Brigid all day, every day, just to show you all what a funny little person she is becoming (and also so that I can go back and watch what a funny little person she is when she becomes the bratty big person I'm expecting her to become...). She's starting to mimic kissing noises, and I think we're only a short time away from teaching her how to blow kisses to people. When she's eating, she'll randomly throw her arms in the air and make the noise we've come to associate with 'touchdown', and she expects Steve and I to follow suit. She points at food and drink that other people are holding and makes the 'nom nom' noise when she wants a bite or a sip. She plays jokes on us, offering us food or a toy, only to pull it away at the last minute, laughing the whole time. She feeds the dogs from her high chair, laughing when I tell her no, because she already knows it's something she's not supposed to do, and she does it anyway.

She's funny, that kid. Thank goodness she inherited my personality...

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