Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend in Review

I finished Brigid's Halloween costume! Actually, Steve put the final touched on the main costume, and I worked on the accessories. But it's finally done! I think! And Brigid hates it!

In her defense, I think I'd hate it too because it just seems...itchy. But I think I've taken the correct steps to rectify that, so we'll see on Sunday. Yes, there are pictures of Brigid trying on the costume, and no, you don't get to see them yet. If I showed you now, what would I have to share with you next Monday?


Steve and I went to the Falcons-Bengals game on Sunday, since Steve is a diehard (although extremely beat-down) Bengals fan, and we don't get to see them every weekend like we used to. Seriously, when we lived in Cincinnati? Season tickets to the Reds games. Season tickets to the Bengals games. Season tickets to Xavier University basketball games. The miscellaneous University of Cincinnati event thrown in for good measure. A couple of trips to South Bend each football season and maybe a Colts game in Indy if we could arrange it.

Good times.

Now? Nothing. Atlanta sports are a little boring (In fact, the Falcons actually employ a D.J. whose sole role for the game seemed to be getting on the big screen to remind fans that it was no longer halftime, and they needed to make some noise. What kind of football fans need to be reminded to make noise?). Add to this the fact that Atlanta sporting events are ridiculously difficult to get into and out of, because traffic in Atlanta is a nightmare. As is parking. It's sad, but we just don't have the time or the energy to deal with it. Except for special occasions.

And Sunday was a special occasion. Unfortunately, the Bengals didn't see it that way, and they failed to show up in the first half of the game. They came back in the third quarter, only to disappoint Steve all over again when they apparently left early to beat the traffic with the rest of the Atlanta crowd. And when we finally got home late Sunday afternoon, we were officially exhausted and ready for bed at 6pm. In other words, while it's still a ton of fun to attend live sporting events, once a season seems to be enough for us these days.


I did not go to bed at 6pm on Sunday night, however, because now that I am done with Brigid's Halloween costume, I have moved on to Steve's. And it is proving to be a much bigger task than I had anticipated.

Of course it is. My judgment sucks.

But I think it will be cool when I'm done with it, and I'm excited for the big unveiling. And if I'm wrong? Lie to me? Please?


Only one more week until I can start listening to Christmas music without feeling like a complete fool! I'll still feel like a partial fool, perhaps, but that's something I can work with (or 'something with which I can work', I guess? damn grammar police living in my head...). I just hope our current 80+ degree weather holds up, because I'd love nothing more than to listen to Christmas music while driving home from work with the top down on my car.

Who needs cold weather? I've always felt that seasons were overrated, anyway...

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