Monday, July 25, 2011

Fever Baby

Hey, so, Brigid had a fever this weekend. And while I tried not to freak out, because, you know, toddlers get fevers all of the time, and it's no big deal, well...

We didn't quite make it through the weekend like we thought we would.

When I was getting Brigid ready for dinner on Friday, I realized she was feeling a little warm. So, we took her temperature, realized that she had a slight fever, treated it with Tylenol, then sent her to bed.

She woke up Saturday feeling fine, but as the day went on, the fever came back. A little more Tylenol, a cool bath, and she was fine for bedtime.

When she woke up on Sunday, though, she was a little furnace. And she was actually starting to act a little sick, too, because all she wanted to do was cuddle. And while it was sweet and all, B is not normally known for laying on the couch with daddy all of the way through an entire movie. So I was a little nervous that we couldn't wait until her pediatrician opened on Monday to take her in. And then, when her fever didn't respond to another dose of Tylenol at all that afternoon, we started to look into nearby urgent care centers to visit.

Of course, the one three minutes from our house doesn't take patients younger than two, so Steve drove her to a pediatric immediate care center forty minutes from our house. And, by the time they made it there, Brigid was acting fine. And I received three picture texts from Steve showing a happy baby just hanging out. And Brigid was diagnosed with a general virus that seems to be making the rounds across the area, and prescribed Motrin for the fever.

And despite a lovely 3am wake-up call that had Steve and I fumbling around in the dark for medicine and thermometers, Brigid woke up fever-free and happy this morning.

I'm pretty sure she was only clear because we took her in to be checked out on Sunday night, instead of waiting to make the appointment for Monday morning, but I guess it's better safe than sorry.

Maybe next time we'll make it all of the way through the weekend. But knowing us? Probably not...


  1. Yep, these kids just love to get sick on the weekends! Avi started acting sick, too. Took her to the pedi this morning and it's an ear infection and pink eye. Yay.

  2. I think children have some kind of internal radar for weekends and pick them to get sick.

    You did the right thing. You didn't freak out and drive her to the ER or anything. You took care of her like the fabulous mother you are. And now that you know Motrin works better for fevers (heh, now I know that too!), I'm sure you WILL make it through the weekend next time. :)


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